Virginia State Inspection

Every 12 month in the state of Virginia, drivers are required to have their vehicles inspected by a certified state inspection station.

State Inspection Costs:

Virginia State Inspection Station

The cost of a vehicle state inspection is $12 for motorcycles and $20 for all other passenger vehicles, SUVs, pick-up trucks, trailers, and motor homes.

How Long Will an Inspection Generally Take:

Many folks postpone getting their annual inspection until the end of the month it is due.  If you want to miss the high volume (and longer wait) times, we recommend you come in mid-day and mid-month, and plan to spend about an hour for your inspection.

What is Included in an Inspection:

A basic Virginia state inspection (you can see the details at the Virginia State Police) consists of testing the following items:

  • Headlights and exterior lights, including turn signal lights and the identification light on your license plate
  • The horn, rear and side-view mirrors
  • The windshield, window glass, windshield wipers, and front and rear defroster
  • The hood latch, engine belts, and fluids
  • The steering and suspension systems and floor pan
  • The driver’s seat airbags, seat belts, and doors
  • The fuel and exhaust systems, and air pollution controls
  • All four tires, wheels, and rims
  • Brakes and parking brake